Our Mission
T.K. Sherman is devoted to help develop your individual empowerment, direction, focus and awareness.

T.K. Sherman strives to reach every community to impact a revolution that will bring about the next generation of leaders that will make a change across the world. T.K Sherman lifestyle coaching aides in nurturing individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs to think with a strategic purpose, hone in on their creativity and expand on their perspectives through cultural diversity.



An honorable husband and loving father, T.K. Sherman is a well-known purpose coach, entrepreneur and public figure who hails from the windy city of Chicago, where he has established roots in entertainment and real estate investment. T.K Sherman, the President of Sherman Investment Group, is known locally and nationally as a prophetic voice of this generation, and is known to some as “The Purpose Coach.” Through his many successes and life learning lessons, T.K. Sherman has mapped out a path to living a successful and purposed driven life as he shares his experiences he teaches his audiences from the motto of, having “Drive. Focus. Determination.” to fulfill a purpose in their everyday lives. 

T.K. has cultivated an organic social media following as “The Purpose Coach” and travels speaking at events and conferences showcasing public figures such as, Ty Adams (Single, Saved & Having Sex) and productions for recording artists such as Shekinah Glory (“Praise Is What I Do”), the Chicago Mass Choir, and Stellar Award winner, Donald Lawrence, and many more. T.K. continues to engage his audience through the impactful 3P Productions as host of the annual “The Purpose Summit” and “The Prophetic HUB,” where he expounds on the significance of purpose and prophecy in these intimate classes of 1-on-1 dialogue and encounters. 

T.K. Sherman is committed to helping people of all ages to become precise and focused on bettering their lives by living on purpose and in purpose. To his list of accolades, the release of “The Process of Purpose: A Quick Guide to Discovering and Embracing Your Life’s Journey,” is sure to captivate readers and urge the masses to embark on living a life with purpose in mind. In this book, T.K. seeks to offer his readers practical lifestyle changes that will encourage the individual, focus the business owner and ignite the entrepreneur to guide them into understanding the importance of identifying purpose so they may create profitable brands.  

T.K. is a firm believer that all mankind must uplift and enlighten others throughout their life’s journey and has devoted his life to the success of others and has committed to countless hours of initiatives to help stabilize the imbalance between community economics, spirituality, and physical health.  

Get to know the author, business man and spiritual leader by following @tksherman on all social media outlets or visit his online space at www.tksherman.com. Let us know how Purpose Coach, T.K Sherman can help you with discovering and living your life’s purpose. 


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