Three Reasons Why Setting Goals Works

Three Reasons Why Setting Goals Works

Happy New Year! It seems like last year was just starting and now we are already in a new year. Time flies when you’re making moves.

Already, people have started setting goals that seem far-fetched and some have already fallen into the old rhythm of doing life and forgot about their goals. It’s the way of the world. Excitement fades when real life sets in and there is nothing wrong with that. More than anything, the intention one had when setting their goals is what matters. And because the intention was there and the focus was there, the ability to still meet and exceed the goal is still there.

Goals are guides for aspiring. And if you desire to make a difference in your life this year, not matter how large or small, here are three reasons why goal setting will help you have a better year.

1. Goals keep you focused.

Consider the bullseye and the dart game. The goal of the game is to get as many darts as possible into the red circle (the bullseye). On the black and white board, the red circle is there to help you focus on your target. Consider life the black and white board and your goals the red bullseye. When you set your intention on the things that you need to do and you need to see, the only focus you have is the target. The black and white space helps you to focus on the red. Your decisions and actions are the vehicles that will help you hit your target.

2. Goals keep you motivated.

Motivation is a beast. When you want something to happen, you’ll make a way or find a way to bring it to pass. Motivation helps give you the boost of energy you need to make things happen. The goals you’ve set for yourself should motivate you to take action towards them. If you look at your goals and feel like they are impossible, throw that goal away and create a new one that gets you excited and motivated. Yes, your goals should stretch you to do and be better; but if they paralyze and scare you, you’ll never take action.

3. Goals keep you looking ahead.

Goals are for the future. Goals push you not to get stuck where you are but to keep moving forward. It is not by happenstance that when you think about your future self, you get excited. You can almost feel your future success happening right now! The goals you set help get you there. Goals are not for show but to help you grow into the person you were created to be. Set goals that force you to keep moving and pushing ahead.

Don’t allow the Negative Nancy or Doubting David type of people to make you feel like goal setting is purposeless. When you set goals, you are setting an intention and giving yourself something to live up to. You are giving yourself a reason to hold on and to keep pushing. If you’ve set goals for the year and have not reviewed those goals since you wrote them down, go look at them and read them again. And put it in your schedule to review your goals at least

once a day. When you plan to succeed, you will succeed. But if you do not plan at all, you’re planning to fail.

Have an amazing 2019 on purpose and in purpose.

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