Create Opportunities to Help You Hustle Smarter Not Harder

Create Opportunities to Help You Hustle Smarter Not Harder

There is nothing wrong with having a hustle…as long as your hustle is bringing you a return. Because you are in charge of your daily activity and you are responsible for the life you create for yourself, you have to find ways to make your journey easier. Here are three tips to help you create an opportunity for growth in your business.

1. Rely on Freelance Workers

If you pay attention to the business blogs and studies that are in rotation right now, you’ll notice that the gig economy is exploding. Big name companies are noticing the value in outsourcing tasks to freelancers and contractors instead of hiring new employees. Big companies want to save just like you do. Do yourself a favor and take a note or two from them. If you know there is something that must be done in your business that you are not good at doing or that you don’t like doing, consider passing the work along to a freelancer. Free up your time to do the things you love. When you spend time doing tasks that don’t directly make you money, you’ll lose more money than you can bring in.

2. Pay attention to new technologies.

Technology makes the world go around. It does! Think about this: Every other day, the apps in your phone require an update. There is a new version of the same software you have been using for ten years that is said to “take you to the next level,” even if it’s the addition of one small feature. The advancement of technology is never-ending so embrace it. Stay on the cusp of knowing what new tool is coming down the pipeline that you may be able to implement in your business. If you are the first to know and the first to try, you’ll be seen as a resource amongst your peers and that within itself creates a new way for you to make money.

3. Learn the art of social selling.

A wise person once said, “In every interaction, someone is buying and someone is selling.” And it’s the truth! When you scroll down your timeline and you read about someone expressing how the last book they read changed their lives and gave them a new idea, you are being sold to. When you read customer testimonials about a product or service that are positioned as normal comments, tweets or posts, you are being sold to. Your question to yourself should be what end of the deal are you desiring to be on. Are you wanting to do the selling or are you wanting to continue to be sold to? Don’t be afraid to try new methods of getting your business in front of people. Go live. Make the sales page. Send the email. You never know who is waiting to hear from you.

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