Sticking to Your Goals When Life Gets Crazy

Sticking to Your Goals When Life Gets Crazy

One bad day doesn’t equate to having a bad life. Sometimes life can throw so many curve balls at once that its gets tough to figure out what balls to take a swing at or what ball to let go. No matter how hard it gets, there are ways you can set yourself up for success while you are in a good season to prepare for when the season changes. Here are three ways to successfully navigate life when things get thrown out of whack.

Plan for the Emergency

Rainy day reservoirs never hurt a thing. It’s one thing to worry and another thing to plan. Planning helps you prepare just in case things don’t work out in your favor. Worrying brings on stress and prohibits you from making the best decisions. Planning for unfavorable conditions help you keep a positive perspective and protect you from getting blindsided. How do you plan? You save a little more money when you have extra. You get regular checkups and physicals to assess your overall health. You keep in contact with those you care about to make sure you all hold each other accountable. Planning doesn’t have to be complicated so keep it simple.

Set boundaries and stick to them.

When you notice that your plate is full, don’t take on anything else. What does that mean? Start saying “no” to the people and the things that do not add to your overall productivity and well-being. It is okay to tell someone that you have a full list of priorities but you can provide alternative solutions to assist them. That may look like a reschedule or it may be connecting them to someone else who can help them. Set your boundaries and limits and require others to respect your “no.” You don’t want to reach the point of burnout due to taking on too much at a time.

Prioritize your time.

One of the best ways to keep life from driving you insane is to prioritize your day. Since people wear many hats and take on many roles, it can get tough managing all that you are expected to be compare to who you actually can be. The key to life is to be effective as a person and to successfully conquer obstacles. Keep a list of what things you have to accomplish every day. Those things that immediately affect your health, finances or family take priority and when life gets hectic, other things must wait.

Don’t forget to take time out from the hustle. Your well-being relies on your ability to balance and to get time to just be and not have something to do. You have all the wits you need to take care of your business without losing your mind. Set your intentions and stick to the plan…even when the plan seems to get thrown out of the window. Be flexible. You were built to bend but not break.

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