3 Tips for How to Succeed When Your First Idea sucked

3 Tips for How to Succeed When Your First Idea sucked 


If I had a million dollars for every idea I’ve ever had that I just knew would be “the” idea, I’d probably be a billionaire. Here is the thing: There are good ideas and then there are God ideas. Good ideas are those that get your mind wheels turning and that get you excited to do something new. God-ideas are those ideas that you know your human mind can’t conceive. These ideas are the ideas that literally change the world! Ask yourself, how many good ideas have you had? Now, ask yourself, were any of those ideas God-ideas? 


The truth of the matter is we are born with ideas. We were created to be a creative people. We are purposed to shake up this world. But our problem is that we lack the follow-through it takes to see our ideas really take off as they should. If you suffer from being stuck in the aftershock of your idea flopping, take these three tips into consideration. 


  1. Throw the first failure in the garbage. 

So what? It didn’t work! That doesn’t mean you are a bad person or that you aren’t as creative as you thought you were. Perhaps you tried to bring your idea to life in the wrong season! That’s something to consider. For every idea you have, there is a designated time to work on that idea to help take it from a thought to a tangible reality. This is where you have to discern when to make a move and when to be still. No matter what, you cannot stop thinking and dreaming just because the first idea didn’t work out. 


  1. Study and develop your skills. 

Sometimes ideas don’t ever move past the idea phase because you haven’t yet mastered the necessary skills you need to make that idea sustainable. Take some time to learn yourself and your motivation for doing what you do. Discover what your strengths and weakness are as it pertains to working on your idea. You may find out that you know more than you’ve given yourself credit for or you may realize that you need more growth and development in a certain area. Use every “failure” as your classroom. 


  1. Be yourself no matter what. 

True leaders are led by their intuition and their gut. They are able to inspire and influence people do things they never would have done on their own. In your own life, don’t stop being true to who you are and to the dreams you have. As long as you live you’ll always have more learning and development to do. You just have to be willing to show up as your best self-day in and day out.  


And here is a bonus for you: Never give up. As long as you have breath in your body, keep working towards your goals.  

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