5 business tips to grow you Business

Growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. When you plan, prepare and implement properly, you’ll find that your successes will come sooner than your losses. If you are in business growing mode, here are five tips to give you a boost.

1. Get to know your existing customers.

It is more cost efficient to nurture your current customer and clients by staying attentive to their needs and always being willing to serve them than it is to acquire new customers and clients. People do business with people they know, like and trust. So, those who already like you, your product or your service enough to pay for it are already invested…so why not invest back into them? Give them a freebie once a year to keep them interested. Send them a survey to see how you can best serve them. Let them be your referral system by asking them to refer you to all their friends and offer them an incentive to do so. Building customer and client loyalty is a must.

2. Always look for new opportunities for growth.

There is no better opportunity than the ones you can create for yourself. Don’t sit on the sidelines wondering when you’ll be called into the game. Get out there and start your own game. Create an info blog or ask to be a guest contributor on a larger platform. Take a public speaking class to prepare you to be a professional speaker. Opportunities come daily and if you are not ready and willing to seize them, they’ll pass you by.

3. Embrace social media.

Social media is your friend. Sure, there are people who waste time browsing other people’s pages but that’s not you. You are the one who is going to use your social media network as your marketing platform. Every friend, follower and connection you have present an opportunity for you to share your vision. Don’t abuse it, use it! Post on purpose.

4. Always measure your work and your results.

You cannot grow what you cannot measure. Period. If you only pay attention to how much money you put into your bank account and never what you take out, eventually you’ll be presented with a few NSF charges. Right? In order to grow your business, you must measure your activity and your results. How? Start by timing how you spend your time. Track your time down to the minute. You’ll notice that you may be spending more time than you thought on things that do not serve your bottom line.

5. Read more.

The world’s richest individuals cite their hunger for knowledge as a defining factor in their success. There are hundreds of thousands of books and learning materials you can tap into to gain the knowledge you need to grow your business. Read one book a month. Alternate between personal development and professional development. And as needed, pick a book that teaches you a new skill. This alone will make you smarter than the average person. Learn from the pros.

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