3 Tips to better Productivity

There is no such thing as time management. You read it right. There is no such thing as time management. Now, before you start thinking about all the hundreds of thousands of books, blogs, articles, online training classes and seminars that suggest otherwise, allow me a few moments to explain.

We are all give the same amount of time in each and every day. 24 hours. The difference is made by what we do with the hours we are given. When the clock strikes midnight, a new day has arrived. You get another chance to allocate every hour of your day to improve your process of being and doing…if you take advantage of it.

Over the years, I have learned how to make the most out of my day by focusing on being productive instead of managing my time. Productivity is the result of purposefully performing tasks and activities in a given amount of time. I guess one could say that being productive is about managing tasks and making sure that things are actually getting completed as the day moves forward. If you struggle with maximizing your productivity during the day or night, here are three tried and true tips you can use immediately to have more productive days.

1. Establish a workable routine.

Although most of us are creatures of habit, we really don’t like committing to a set routine. And even when we know a routine is what we need, we still manage to find ways around feeling like we are repetitive in our daily lives. Well, get over it! You have to train your mind and your body to follow a routine so that you can better monitor where you are spending your time. Wake up at the same time daily. Don’t hit the snooze button. Take time to look at your daily schedule before your day starts so you have an idea of what your priorities are for the day. When it comes to being productive, routines are your friend!

2. Do not multitask.

I bet you gasped for air on this one… Believe it or not, being the jack of all trades and the master of none is not a good thing. Multi-tasking eats up hours without you realizing it. When you focus on working through a task or project to its completion, you’ll have a better chance at working faster and working smarter. Keep a list of what you have to complete every day and start at the top of it and work your way down. Work on one thing at a time.

3. Upgrade your technology.

Say it with me, “Technology is my friend.” If you want to get ahead and stay ahead when it comes to being productive, make technology your friend. If you spend a lot of your time responding to every email when it comes through, even if you are in the middle of a task, find an application that only allows you to check emails at a certain time during the way. If you need a better way of keeping up with your connections, find a customer relationship management system that is easy to use and that helps you set up a streamlined workflow for every project you score. In a society like ours, there is no reason why you should be manually performing tasks that technology can take care of. Your productivity depends on your ability to utilize technology to work smarter and not harder

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