Purpose Review: 4 Simple Tips to Get Through Any Struggle

4 Simple Tips to Get Through Any Struggle 


Struggle is a part of life’s journey. Without it, we’d be wandering aimlessly throughout life lacking purpose and wondering what life is really about. Most people would be quick to say that they’d love to have a struggle free life but what they tend to forget in that desire is that having struggles helps grow character and perseverance. If you need help maneuvering through life because the daily grind of running into hiccups is wearing you down, consider there four tips: 


  1. Be grateful. 

If I were a betting man, I’d say that if you made a list of every good thing that’s ever happened to you and then made a second list of every bad thing that’s happened to you, you’d soon discover that the good list will be longer. We often forget how blessed we are when things go wrong. We shift our focus to the negative and forget the positive things all too quickly. Get in the habit of being thankful for the struggles you have because after all, things could always be worse. Be grateful that you have a mind to know that trouble doesn’t last for eternity.  

  1. Meditate. 

Get comfortable with sitting in silence. The problem with most of us is that we spend so much time speaking and never enough time listening that we often fail at mentally digesting the information we receive. When you allow yourself just 15 minutes a day to sit in silence and to concentrate on the good you experience, the way you see every obstacle that comes your way will change.  

  1. Exercise. 

Get your heart pumping! There is no better way to take off unwanted stress than to get moving. I don’t mean go to a gym and try to lift every free weight or run on every cardio machine. You can start small by going on a 30-minute walk through your neighborhood. Get some fresh air into your lungs. It’ll help you think clearer and ultimately help you feel better. 

  1. Laugh. 

When you take every opportunity you can to laugh, you relieve stress you didn’t even know you felt. It really is true that laughter is good for the soul. And one good, gut-wrenching laugh that makes tears stream down your face can make all the difference in your life. You have to be willing to take the bad just as well as you take the good, and when you can laugh your way through a thing, getting through gets a little bit easier.  


“When you change the way the you look at things, the things you see will change,” someone once said. And it’s true! Perspective is everything. And when you embrace the idea that struggles come to make you stringer, you’ll remember that there is no point in stressing and that even in the midst of trouble, life is still a blessing.  

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