Purpose Review: What To Do When You Lose Everything

What To Do When You Lose Everything


Life is a gift. And it is the most precious gift we have been given to care for. Although life is a gift and it is beautiful, there are times when the beauty of it gets lost in the day to day shuffle. Sometimes trials and tribulations seem to spring up from out of nowhere and we are left scratching our heads wondering, “How on earth did I get here?”

Well, the Word tells us that all things work together for the good of those who love God. Do you believe that? It can seem hard to believe that in times of turmoil and chaos, things are working together to produce something good. When death knocks, bills fall behind, children act out, or when God seems to be too far away, it’s hard to see thing light at the end or the tunnel or even to find a morsel of good in such bad situations.

Losing out on things in life can be hard to get over. Time can heal most things but even in this, time can seem to be an enemy. Loss is a part of the growing and learning process. If you want to continue through the process of becoming all that you were meant to be, here are four tips you can use to help center you.

1. Be determined not to give up.

As long as you wake up every day and have breath in your lungs, you are still in the fight to win your best life. Make up in your mind that no matter how hard life situations come at you, you will not waste one-minute doubting that you will win!

2. Don’t rely on “hope” as a strategy.

When you say that you have “hope” you are saying that you “wish” something may or may not happen. When it comes to your life, you need something greater than hope – you need faith! Faith gives you an understanding and an expectation that things won’t be in bad shape much longer. All you have to do is keep moving past your fear and doubt to get to your next level.

3. Get a supportive team around you.

Sometimes, the best thing one can do for themselves is to have people around them who see the potential they possess and who are not afraid to allow them to settle for less. Because you can be your biggest critic and your loudest cheerleader, it is important for you to assemble yourself around

people who can see and speak to the greatness in you during your dark season. They keep you lifted in spirits and help you stay the course.

4. Encourage yourself daily.

Make a list of every good thing you have had in your life. Then, make a list of every bad thing you have had happen to you. You’ll soon notice that your list of good will be much longer than your list of bad. This is on purpose! Add to the lists as much as you need to and be sure to review the lists every now and again to reined yourself that things are not as bad as they seem. For every day of bad you experience, there are three days of good waiting to happen for you around the corner.

Life is a cycle of events. And every event has a purpose. No matter how tough it gets, remember that bad doesn’t last always. Also remember that good doesn’t either so be grateful for every ounce of good you are blessed to experience

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