Purpose Review: Rehab Your Life (Pt.1)

On yesterday, I went live on FB for my regularly scheduled five-minute Motivational Monday video which I’ve named “Five Minutes of Purpose.” My ultimate goal is to empower my listeners to live their purpose and I have fun while doing it!

I titled this live session “Rehab Your Life” and I gave away three steps to rehabbing your life, basically resetting and repurposing your life. As I state in my book, “The Process of Purpose,” everything you do must be for a purpose and in purpose. So, let’s take a look at the first three steps of rehabbing your life:

  1. Have Capital Growth Rate in Your Personal Life.

Your capital growth rate is important because it is essential to building your strength. You need to be able to invest in yourself by positioning yourself around people that have an area of expertise that you desire to grow in. And those people that you have around you should have a proven track record of success. Your personal and professional community help determine your value and how quickly you are able to achieve success in your life.

  1. Be in a space where there is population growth.

If you are going to rehab your life and be better in multiple areas, you need to be in places that cause you to be challenged. Challenge isn’t to break you down but to build you up. If you work in a place where turnover rates are crazy, you may want to move. If you are a part of a church that is not spiritually growing, you may need to seek God to know where you should be planted. In every place you are, there should be thriving life.

  1. Plan an established infrastructure.

Your infrastructure can be written, verbal or physical. You need to have a plan for your life from beginning to end. Now we all know that God has the ultimate say-so; but in the meantime, you have to take action to give him something to work with. Planning takes focus and energy. Don’t go about building your life’s infrastructure halfheartedly. Tap into those resources (experts) and invest your time and money into those people and places that will help you build a solid foundation of growth.

There is no better time than the present to make a life transformation and to perform rehab on yourself. While there are things you can go at alone and do well, this process is not one of those things. You need a tribe to uphold you and to hold you accountable. No matter what, be prepared to work hard for your goals and to stay committed to living out your purpose. As your Purpose Coach, I am here rooting for you and ready to help you reach victory

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