Purpose Review: There no “I” in Team!

There is no “I” in Team 

In life and in business, no person can function as an island. No matter what you do, eventually, you’ll need to tap into someone else’s genius to get to where you want to be. We as people are wired to desire human interaction to feel like we belong. And when we take an extensive time away from the company of others, we feel the void. We long for a good laugh or a comforting touch. This is on purpose. The Creator knew what He was going when He made us dependent on one another.  

Some have a hard time using the word “team” because they are more focused on placing the shine on themselves. I always say, that when you place the spotlight on others, it is only natural that their light will reflect back on you. As a leader, no matter in what capacity, you have to create a lane for others to dwell in, you have the magic formula. What does this mean? You have an extension of yourself in others that you can pour into and help develop. A part of being professional is being able to network with others and add value to their lives. In turn, helping others helps you more. 

If you are desiring to better your quality of connection with yourself and others, establish your team of people. There is safety in teams. Sometimes those around you can see things coming your way before you can. On top of this, there is accountability in teams. Accountability is one thing that sets leaders up for success. You need someone to remind you of your goals. You need someone to catch you and pick you up before you fall. Just having people in your corner who cheer for your success genuinely helps you keep your head in the game. And there is no better place to get that support than from within your own team. 

Do yourself a favor and stop going at it alone. In some cases, two heads are better than one. And as a part of a team, you can have more than that. Innovation and ingenuity comes from a team and having that team focus on one goal. Lay out the plan for where you desire to go and make sure every single person on your team is aware and committed to your goal.  

As a leader, communicate your expectations and needs. Communication is key and critical to the success of your team. Don’t be afraid to share your big vision! And don’t be afraid to share your small ideas either. Small ideas often become big visions; and big visions become lucrative businesses that produce unlimited opportunities.  

There is no “I” in team and just as the cliché acronym says, when it comes to a TEAM, together, everyone achieves more. Work smarter, not harder in your personal and professional life. Get a team that you can serve and they’ll serve you right back.  

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