Purpose Review: Being at Peace while going through HELL!!!

Being at Peace while going through HELL!!!

       Okay. Let’s be clear. Life is a journey made up of processes. Some processes are easy and some are downright hard. But as long as we get the gift of life and we wake up every day, it means we still have a purpose and there is still a plan at work in our lives. And that’s the good news.
Life is not a perfected process by any man. Each of us has our own path that we must follow and each path has been predestined for us. Yes, we do have free-will; but also, The Creator know what each day holds for us. So we can rest in that.
When life throws everything it has at you and you feel as if you are on a hamster’s wheel, consider these two life-changing tips: (1) remember the goal and (2) remind yourself that you were built to last. Let’s break these down.
Remember the Goal
We all have the same goal in life—to live full and die empty. Right? We don’t want every waking day to be a struggle until we lie on our death beds wishing. We want to wake up excited to take on our days. So, how do we do that? We constantly remind ourselves of our goal.
So, what is your goal? Make a list of five goals you can focus on for the next year. You may even start small and make a goal for each day. Doing this one thing in setting a goal will give you a clear picture of where you desire to go in your life.
Remind Yourself of Your Strength
Think about this: you’ve survived everything you have been through! Nothing has killed you. You probably had experienced times where you felt like you would die or you wanted to quit, but you are still here. That is amazing. You are still here. Remind yourself of this!
Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back and toot your own horn. You’ll learn soon, if you haven’t learned before, that every now and again, you’ll be the only one encouraging you. It’s not that people don’t care about you. They may be going through their own stuff! You were built for the life you have and you are equipped for everything you need.
Remind Yourself That You’ve Survived Before
Again, you are still here and that means you made it through. You have been broke before. You have been heart-broken before. You have had bad days before and you have had amazing days before! This means that you are growing at life and in life. You are growing and processing through it. No matter how many bad days you’ve had, every day is a good day when you are above ground.
Learn to center yourself by praying, meditating, journaling and spending time with yourself. Your peace and sanity is key to you navigating through life when things go haywire. Nut never forget that you have a purpose and everything happening to you is happening for you.

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