Purpose Review: Learning to Share Your Message with the Masses

Learning to Share Your Message with the Masses

Every person on the face of this planet has a story to tell. From the great to the miserable, each story is unique and specific to the person who tells it. Sometimes, two people can have the same experience but have two different interpretations of it. That’s the goodness of life—we are all different, and it’s for a reason.

Sharing your message with others can be complicated if you make it that way. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these three tips to create a message that will resonate with those you desire to share it with.

1. Write it down.

The problem with most people who speak is that they don’t believe they have to write down what they want to say because it’s all in their minds. This is far from true. Writing your words down causes the mind to download fresh concepts about old thoughts. This is where your creativity kicks in. You’ll discover new ways to convey the same message when you write your words down. You can even record yourself speaking casually about the topic at hand, then transcribe what you said so that you have a working template to use.

2. Determine your audience.

Who do you want to tell your story to? You may be thinking “everyone” but that won’t work all the time. When determining who your audience is, consider one individual you’d like to speak to. Is it a man or woman? Are they an adult or a teenager? Are they single or married? Do they perfect motivation or action? Do they like lectures or one-on-one dialogue? All of this matters. When you have an idea of who you desire to share your message with, you’ll have a better chance of tailoring your message to that particular person or group of people. Be creative in your approach based on your target audience.

3. Choose the right time to share.

Timing is everything in storytelling. If you want your message to be received besides knowing who you’re speaking to, you have to know when it is the right time to share. You would not want to share your story of getting over your first pet passing away to a group of mothers who are mourning the loss of a child..but you would share your story with a group of children who lost a parent or something to that effect so that you place yourself on their level. It’s all in the timing. You also do not want to share prematurely or overshare. There is a fine line between telling a story and telling all your business.

After hearing you speak, your audience should feel like they need to experience more of you and what you have to offer. Don’t let them down by being unprepared. Using the tips just shared, you should have a running start to creating a message that resonates with others. Don’t be afraid to share your message, it could be the message that changes someone’s life.

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