Flip Your Failures

Flip Your Failure

The big “F” word is one that puts the most fear in our hearts. It keeps us from moving forward and urges us to look back. It deprives us of creativity and it sucks the excitement out of our vision. It keeps an amazing dream stuck as an amazing dream.


It’s the “F” word that has the biggest impact on our personal and professional development and success. Failure is defined as a lack of success or the absence of an expected outcome. Just as fear makes us think and see things that are not actually present, failure can do the exact same thing. The kicker is that most people who fear failure have never really experienced it; they’ll allowed the thoughts and opinions of others to suppress their internal motivation to give a thing a try…just because it didn’t work out for the last person.

The lack of success in others’ lives has nothing to do with the success that has the potential to overtake your life. Someone else’s failure is not yours. You never know what kind of favor rests on your work ethic that will set you a part from others. Your job is not to automatically find the winning formula, but it is to work at it until the winning and workable formula finds its way to you. Even when you are unsure, try.

You were not given a dream to let it die by never acting on it. Dreams aren’t meant to stay in dream world, they are meant to be birthed into reality. You are a dreamer…a visionary. Failure comes with the position. Yes, failure is a part of your journey—on purpose. Consider the cost of remaining the same. What do you believe costs you more energy, time, effort, resources…or joy? Trying and failing or trying, failing, but learning a new way to look at an old situation?

Well, allow a new thought to enter your mind. Yes, failure may be an option, but it’s also your only option if you never even try. Every move you don’t make leaves you at a loss. There is a process to finding your “sweet spot,” the place where you are most effective and sometimes, most profitable. You can only find this place through trial and error. You plan, you do, you tweak, and then you start over. That’s the process and that’s what you must to be sure that your flip your failure into a win.

If do you do decide to pursue a new venture or revisit an old vision, consider all the greatness that could come of it. And even if you do fail, don’t stay there. Fail forward! Pick yourself up and keep it moving. There is no better way to combat the feeling of failure than to make a comeback. Wherever there is a failure, there is also a fountain of opportunity. Some of the greatest inventions in history were the results of multiple failures. Just google “History’s Greatest Failures.”

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