Purpose Review: The Power of Internal Economics

The Power of Internal Economics

At first glance, you probably were intrigued by the title. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because intrigue keeps you interested and it keeps you reading. So, let’s get right to it.

We all have an intricate network of internal sensors that make us who we are. These sensors help establish our personality traits, build our character and keep us functioning and flowing in who we are or who we desire to become. These sensors help us produce our personal economical statuses thus creating our system of internal economics.

Just to give a solid definition to the thought, internal economics are those abilities we have naturally that help us produce income earning ideas and help us destroy income limiting liabilities. For example, assets make money and liabilities lose money. Your idea may be to offer car wash services to your neighborhood every Saturday morning to produce extra money for your family. That’s your asset. On the other hand, every Saturday night, you can’t resist the urge to go to the casino and gamble away what you just earned. That bad habit is your liability.

To make sure that you maximize on those positive aspects of yourself, let’s take a look at defining what internal assets you have, acknowledging what limiting liabilities that could get in your way, and how you can leverage those liabilities to increase your customer base.

1. Are you creative? Do you look at simple issues with out-of-the-box solutions? Do you embody the essence of perseverance by pushing through life’s tough situations? Character traits like being creative, disciplined, focused and intellectual have the ability to make you money. Make a list of qualities you possess that can aid in building your internal vault of assets.

2. What are you afraid of? Do your insecurities keep you from trying something new? Do you find yourself thinking of everything that could go wrong instead of right before you make a decision? Do you always find yourself saying “when the time is right…” you’ll make a move? Well, these feelings are all limiting liabilities. They stunt your growth. More often than not, these limiting liabilities will keep you from tapping into your internal assets. Make a list of the negative qualities you think you have so that you can start working to eliminate them and replace them with the assets from your first list.

3. How can you use your liabilities to increase your assets? You change your perspective. You are your biggest limiting liability and your largest internal asset. When you shift your thinking, everything around you will shift. Your imagination will kick in and those same feelings of insecurity you had will become feelings of strength. You’ll notice that the things that hold you back are false and are completely under your control. For every negative thought, replace it with two positives. And soon, the good will outweigh the bad.

The Power of Internal Economics should not be taken lightly. The goodness in it all is that you are the one controlling it all. You hold all the power you need to be successful, use it!

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