Purpose Review: The Power of your Emotions

Have you EVER allowed your emotion to influence your decisions?  Are you as successful as you desire to be?  Do you have the fortitude to understand and interpret YOUR emotions?  I ask you these questions, because they are pivotal to your development and future progression in your areas of expertise.  Below is an excerpt from Dr. Lamia article, “Like it Or Not, Emotions Will Drive the Decisions You Make Today.”  This will show you the importance and danger of your emotions.

When an emotion is triggered in your brain, your nervous system responds by creating feelings in your body (what many people refer to as a “gut feeling”) and certain thoughts in your mind.  “A great deal of your decisions are informed by your emotional responses, because that is what emotions are designed to do; to appraise and summarize an experience and inform your actions. 

Emotions serve a purpose, informing you, the operator of your body, what to do. We’re constantly faced with an abundance of information that we must process–a lot of stimulation to reflect upon. You do not have time to process all information in a reflective fashion, but your brain processes it passively and unconsciously.  If your brain comes across something, it appraises as a “red flag,” you’ll be sent a general, vague alert in the form of the feelings and thoughts that are created by an emotion. This somewhat imprecise signal alerts you to pay attention. In this way, your emotions serve as a cueing system–an attention directing system associated with physiological changes that can prepare you to take action. This is not a very smart system, because it has many false alarms. There are emotional misfires; therefore, you need to evaluate your response to see if it is appropriate.”
You must not make every decision hasty.  You must work through how you feel, as your perspective of something from the past might prevent you from your greatness.” — TK Sherman

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